And I truly believe our ancestors made due with what they had, so we should make due with [], [] you havent seen the first post in the Ancestral Witchcraft series, click here. And for that I also do some research on my family, especially my fathers family because I dont really know them and my genealogy at this side. Youre not alone, Lindsay! Salem, that village whose name is synonymous with witch hysteria, had a rival in the panic of the 1600's and it was Hartford, Connecticut. Merlin - legendary wizard of lore and literature. Someone who uses herbs to heal, pendulums to divine messages, and practices folk magic might have been a healer, pellar, conjurer, or cunningfolk back then, but today we might label them as a witch. Whether your family lives in New England or has migrated elsewhere in the U.S., check your familial names against the Salem Witch Trials last names: Keep in mind, some of these names are of the convicted, while some were accused and either escaped or died in jail before conviction. Its a little complicated, Im not very good at it, my mother doesnt know much about my paternal family, I dont know them and my father died when I was little. MacLeod is derived from the Gaelic surname MacLeid (son of Leod), ultimately from the Old Norse ljtr (ugly). Ursula Southheil, AKA Mother Shipton, was a powerful prophetess in the 1500s. Same line ? Setelah hasil pelengkapan otomatis tersedia, gunakan panah ke atas dan ke bawah untuk meninjau dan enter untuk memilih. Unsubscribe at any time. Terms of Use She was found a few days later, frozen to a large stone. Guilladot is an unusual French name with few modern bearers. According to The Scotsman, about 3,000 to 5,000 people in Scotland were publicly accused of witchcraft in 16th and 17th centuries, spurred on by the Scottish Witchcraft Act of 1563, which made witchcraft a crime punishable by death. A bearer was Roger Toothaker, a healer who specialized in detecting and punishing witches. These are the 7 oldest bloodlines in the world, featuring some families with royal pedigrees that go back for centuries, and others that may be lacking in star power but more than make up for it with jaw-dropping longevity, including one that purportedly goes back to biblical times. My fathers mother was the carrier. Its witch association comes from Lilas Adie, a Scottish woman accused of witchcraft and dealing with the devil. This surname radiates power and authority. Can anyone tell me if I am from a witch bloodline? He and his wife Sarah were accused of witchcraft and executed. Her name means "witch, evil woman, fury", all things I value! Juliet Diaz's Plant Witchery is perfect for aspiring plant witches, green witches, and hedge witches. In fact, Connecticut's witch hysteria preceded Salem's by decades. A good way for gamers to come up with new clan names is to use a random name g. National</NOBR> Security Agency (NSA). There is an interesting book, The Witchcraft Delusion in Colonial Connecticut, 1647-1697, by John . Between 1610 and 1840, it is estimated that over 26,000 accused witches were burned at the stake in Germany. A bearer was Catherine Monvoisin a French fortune teller and poisoner hired by the aristocracy to enact black magic. She and her brother, Hartger Henot, conflicted with Count Leonhard II von Taxis, who wanted to create a central post office. Giles Corey and his wife, Martha Corey, were accused of witchcraft during the Salem witch trials. Our definition of a witch today doesnt always match what the definition of a witch was back then. West German Shepherds are a popular working line choice, they also make great family pets if their owners invest enough time in them. Laveau is an elegant surname for a well-respected witch. My mothers side went from Starling to Starlin. The Spellmans were a family of witches in the popular 90s TV show Sabrina The Teenage Witch. Nor were they necessarily poor; while nobles only made up about 6 percent of accused witches, about 64 percent of the accused came from what would now be considered the middle class. The power is more like a connection in your bloodline to all and everything around you. Osborne is derived from the Old English os (god) combined with beorn (warrior, man). Hi Maggie! Device is an odd choice among our last names for witches, ultimately derived from the Latin divis (divided). This surname is well-suited for a witch, associated with the nighttime, black cats, and other spooky things. Thanks for writing the family name lists! Owens has Celtic roots, derived from either the Welsh ab Owain (son of Owen, noble son) or the Irish surname Mac Eoghain. Weasley is one of the best witch surnames for Harry Potter fans, associated with Harrys best friend, Ron Weasley, and his family. In the legends of King Arthur, Morgan Le Fay was a powerful sorceress, healer, and shape-shifter who was sometimes good and sometimes evil. Agnes Sampson was a Scottish healer who worked as a midwife. A. I dont cast spells, but do pray fairly often. Martha denied these charges and refused to submit to the court, ultimately leading to her death. If not, what you'll do is write down your family's last names - your last name (which is typically your father's), your mothe. Jun 27, 2022 - Have you wondered if you descend from witches? Its most likely derived from the Old English lece or Old Scandinavian loekr (brook). Author J.K. Rowling created it, possibly derived from the word weasel and the Old English leah (woodland, clearing). Having a witch in your ancestral line does not make you a hereditary witch. Leek said she could trace her witch lineage back to the 1100s. A famous bearer was Isobel Gowdie a Scottish woman accused of witchcraft in 1662. Do you have a link or picture for your cursive literate readers? Google it. Perhaps you will embrace the magic inside you, too. As in most of Western civilization, there has long existed and still exist among the Germanic Dutch people a belief in white and black magic. Granger is derived from the Old French grangier, ultimately from the Latin granum (grain). Hibbins is a badass surname derived from the ancient Germanic hild (battle) combined with brand (sword). Nurse was originally an occupational surname. If you have any information about the bell witch will you please email me, hi do you live in TN, I live in TN and there is so so much information available. I am an Ayres, my last name has been changed repeatedly between Ayres and Ayers over the years. The entire continent endured such tragedy, and the Northern European countries were no strangers to the Witch Hunts that ravaged the people. Damon Salvatore from The Vampire Diaries. A future witch named Duncan may remove the names wicked reputation. The Icelandic word to describe witchcraft is "Seiur". Plus the Putnam name is associated with the accusers, not the actual witches. Aine - "Radiance." Queen of the fairies in Celtic lore. You are Poldi Breschfeld, a simple You live with your brother on your small farm which you inherited from your parents. Im coming into more of my comfort zone using crystals, healing rocks, moon energy, ect , I just wish there was someone near my area to help me grasp my full potential.. Some witch bearers were Joan, Margaret, and Philippa Flower, also known as the Witches of Belvoir. This might mean charms and spells, or the use of healing herbs and other types of folk medicine, or both. As you are gemini so is she. Chelsea Nelthropp previously worked with special needs children before transitioning to her current passion, freelance writing. My last name is Long, Do your ancestry DNA< I knew some Longs in GA and I think there are some in SC, Hello i am also looking for my bloodline im a decendent of the Bell witch you know the real one Patience Eldora Summers and Bertha Bellzora Summers. The Nordic patronyms Jonsdotter and Eriksdotter would only exist for a generation, and it would be impossible to decide whether you are related to them unless they are placed by the name of the farm they were born on or the one they lived and died on. A word to the wise dont mess with someone with the surname Monvoisin! Her three husbands perished under suspicious circumstances, leading people to suspect her of using poison and sorcery against them. Bennetts use their good magic to help the world. Kids Start Forgetting Early Childhood Around Age 7, Archaeologists Discover Wooden Spikes Described by Julius Caesar, Artificial Sweetener Tied to Risk of Heart Attack and Stroke, Study Finds, Rare Jurassic-Era Insect Discovered at Arkansas Walmart. Rasputin is a well-known surname in the magical community, associated with a 19th-century holy man and mage who was highly influential in late Imperial Russia. Ive had natural witch instincts all my life. He also has a twin sister. That said to get to that state of being is up to you to find, it could be one simple thing to achieve it or a combine of things. In doing my genealogy all of them above with the exception of Caldwell were changed more than once. Her husband was a part of the Goud family, who had a feud with the Putmans some of the primary accusers during the Salem trials. Actually I know we do. They were herbal healers accused of witchcraft after their former employers fell ill. Fortune is derived from the Latin fortuna (fortune, luck, chance). The names below are taken from Connecticut, Maryland, and New York witch trial documentation. Youd have to look it up. Other unique options born by real-life witches are Rasputin, Toothaker, and Monvoisin. A famous namesake was Gerald Gardner an influential magician and founder of the modern Wiccan religion. Witches are famous for living in cottages in the woods, making Foster suitable for a forest-dwelling witch. Today, its hereditary, given to people of all occupations (including witches). Sadly I think most of those who were murdered after being accused of being witches, werent witches. Cuchulain in Battle" by Joseph Christian Leyendecker (1874 - 1951) shows the famous Irish warrior flanked by a crow, often thought to be a manifestation of the Morrgan or badh. Thanks, If you've ever wondered if you descend from a line of witches, you could be right! Gather as many of these last names as you can, then compare against the witch bloodline names listed here! She's written on a plethora of topics and enjoys the diversity of her work. Nottingham was initially a habitational surname for those from Nottingham, England. While that is traditionally true, a lot of families chose to keep that as a surname for many generations especially if they moved somewhere else. Laurie Cabot was a self-identified witch who opened the Witch Shoppe in Salem in 1971. Id love to connect. THE KILLINGS OF "WITCHES" The following are all documented incidents in the killings of "witches." ONLY incidents solely relating to witchcraft accusations have been included. Her story inspired the play The Last Witch by Rona Munro. Harry Potter is a kind and powerful wizard who sacrifices himself to save others from evil. My grandmother was a Marklen? Ivm from the Nederlands and i know the name s are frome my moms site of the famly..i learnd to heale white plants and ather thinks from my grandmother quite often..sow now i know its in my to know. I have only witnessed her being able to use her abilities when angered,not just angry Im talking blood boiling mad. Some modern Wiccans honor Aradia as the Queen of the Witches. Intro to the Tradition, Beliefs, and Practices, Is Witchcraft in Your Blood? Witch Bloodline Names from . Its associated with Scott Cunningham, an American writer and follower of Wicca a Pagan religious group for witches. A famous bearer was Gentile Budrioli, a skilled healer who became a counselor for Bolognas ruler Giovanni II Bentivoglio in the late 1400s. Does anyone recognize these as been associated with witches.? Many of my ancestors were burned at the stake Why wouldnt this list include the Putnam name? A well-known bearer is Rebecca Nurse an initially well-respected woman accused of witchcraft and killed during the 1692 Salem Witch Trials. She was initially found guilty and sentenced to death but later confessed, saving her life. Morgan, Johnson, Farrell, and Giles are some of the most well-known witches' last names. My mothers side was Germany, though. Do your research on witch bloodline names that match your own and determine from there whether or not you descend from a real witch. After Adie was accused, she refused to give up the names of other witches so they wouldnt suffer the harsh treatment she received. Never witnessed her using it when all was normal or happy moments. However, if this is true, this is very exciting for me as I have always wanted to learn of my lineage. Bradbury is a charming last name for witches, associated with Mary Bradbury a Salem witch who was said to transform into a blue boar and cast spells over ships. Velzquez is derived from the given name Velasco a medieval Spanish title possibly from a word meaning crow in Basque. He was described as a confident, strong-willed, and well-built man, noted for his cleverness and super-human strength. Of the estimated 90,000 individuals prosecuted for witchcraft in Europe, at least 30,000 and possibly as many as 45,000 came from the Germanies, roughly encompassed at the time by the Holy Roman Empire and nearby territories. My family witch lines are Rasputin had frequent visions and believed he could see the future. I was just looking for the Samson of Normandy, and to see this name of Sampson in this atypical list challenged me. If anyone could find out if Im related to any witches, I would be so great full. Essex Witch Trials is an excellent resource to use if you are looking for information about witch trials that took place in Essex, England. A suitable surname for a good witch who uses magic to help others. Proctor is an occupational surname derived from the Middle English proktour (steward). She gave detailed confessions, claiming she and her coven (group of witches) flew on magical horses and transformed into animals. When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select . Many believed Anne Boleyn was a witch who engaged in mystical practices. After some research, it looks like Im a descendant in the direct line. One of the books which I looked with difficulty for before finding it, was Gerald Massey's A Book of the Beginnings (Secaucus, NJ: University Books, Inc., 1974.). Some witches make witchcraft their religion, some dont. And if you are a descendant, you will know. [] store-bought, etc. A well-known bearer was Ann Foster a 75-year-old widow accused of witchcraft during the Salem witch trials. Her last name was Ferguson from Scotland and I understood that she came from a line of witches, but I am not certain as the family do not want to talk about it do you know. Junius, Johannes: of Bamberg, executed as a witch, on 6 August, 1628 Jung, (first name unknown): beheaded at Wurzburg, Germany, 1628-1629. He escaped from jail and later wrote a detailed recollection of his trials. I have been all over the internet trying to make certain this is the correct bloodline. I have traced myself back all the way to not only Samuel Wardwell but also to William Griggs. Adelinda - A Germanic name meaning "noble serpent." A variation is Delinda. She followed astrology closely and also did folk magic. My last name Alleman. A fictional bearer was Hermoine Granger an intelligent half-witch-half-human and sidekick throughout the Harry Potter series. It could also be a badass option for a sorceress with dark red hair. A fictional bearer is Regina Mills the powerful sorceress from the T.V. But I believe you dont necessarily need outside help ,the answer lies within your ownself to unblocking your chakras look deeper within while concentrating on freeing your mind or opening your third eye or pineal glanddeeper meditation or trance state of being is what will allow you what you seek. Researching Early American Witch Ancestors. Not sure what else. She was among the first woman executed in England for sorcery. Horne was initially an occupational surname for someone who played the horn or lived near a horn-shaped geological site. Rosenberg has German origins, derived from rose and berg (mountain). His last name is Langford, though. Im having issues with a few chakras being blocked.. By the way, Im a full Gemini.. Good Vibes! Hoar comes from the Middle English hor(e) (gray, white-haired), making it an excellent surname for a seasoned witch with a long history. Despite Samantha Stephens having strong magical powers, she gives them up for an ordinary mortal life. Pinterest. The witch trials in Early Modern Europeincluded the Basque witch trialsin Spain, the Fulda witch trialsin Germany, the North Berwick witch trialsin Scotland, and the Torsker witch trialsin Sweden. Corey has many associations with witchcraft, sorcery, and death. My Scottish witch lines are Balfour, Campbell , Douglass, Bruce and Gowdie. A witchy bearer was Helena Curtens a 14-year-old girl accused of witchcraft after seeing a ghostly apparition on a trip to Kevelaer, Germany. If they sank, and often subsequently drowned, they were found not guilty. ADAMS, Tenn. (AP) The legend of the Bell Witch has been passed down through generations in Tennessee for more than 200 years. But we dont all have the ability to move off the grid and live like our ancestors once did. The names below are taken from Connecticut, Maryland, and New York witch trial documentation. The German lands have long been known as the 'heartland of the witch craze'. Many Pendle witches were healers who used herbal remedies and charms to help others. So if your ancestors didnt live in Salem, but live somewhere else in the U.S., you might find it here! The test judged whetherthose believed to be witches (or criminals) were guilty bytying them up and then tossing theminto water. Yes, many family names are changed when immigrating to the US. I have Parker and porter in my lineage , My birth fathers birth family hails from West Virginia Im told I have a ancestor on the hanging side but am curious to see if I share bloodline with Mary Parker and Alice Parker. Thanks! Reoch is derived from the Scottish Gaelic riabhach (brindled, grayish), originally used as a nickname for someone with streaks of gray hair. The Royal Family of Denmark. Surnames are Wiley, Sellards, Caldwell, Cyfers (Syphers/Cyphers) and Williamson. There it was explained to me that this ability was in your bloodline very specific wording about bloodline. . This surname is well-known in the witch community, associated with Janet Farrar a famous advocate of Wicca, neopaganism, and witchcraft throughout the U.S. and Europe. Catemaco, Mexico is literally full of very good witches. Next youll want to build your family tree online at ancestry or elsewhere and search for an ancestor to confirm. Several women with the last name Parker were victims of the Salem Witch Trials. A well-known bearer was Shirley Jackson a horror and mystery author rumored to have been a witch. Dyer was first used in medieval times for people in the trade of dying cloth. Gowdie is an ancient Scottish name derived from goldie (gold). As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases. Waterhouse was initially a locational name for a house by a lake, river, or ocean. Check your familial names on the witch bloodline names lists here. Czarwonica is Czarownica (witch), Multiple traditions just might! In 1840 there were 194 Davidson families living in Ohio. The book goes in and shows in detail how the inhabitants of the British Isles came originally from Egypt. Willard is derived from the Old German willo (will, desire), combined with hart (hard, firm, brave). I was told my grandfather came from a long line of healers. Though not a witch in the most traditional sense, the Morrgan of Irish mythology's Ulster Cycle bears a name often translated to "Queen of the . Stay tuned. Now that Im growing up, Im getting ready to move to Scotland. My name isnt Bernauer, but my family has always lived in a village rather close to Bernau. A famous bearer was John Proctor, Jr. an alleged witch accused of using sorcery during the Salem Witch Trials. But an approximately 350-year-old manuscript published online for the first time can reveal another fascinating detail about one's family history: whether any ancestors were accused of practicingwitchcraft. The most famous witch surnames are from well-known witches throughout history, such as Ursula Southeil, Marie Laveau, or Alice Kyteler. She was one of the last people executed for sorcery in Germany. Most witches were tortured into a confession. Listen to their music. Check out the names of the German and Swiss witch bloodlines below. Over time and especially during the panic covered by the Wellcome manuscript, lawyers in Scotland began to distrust some of the tactics used to identify witches, such as searching for "witches marks" or "witches teats" on their bodies which were often just scars, moles, warts, skin tags or birth marks. Mary denied her charges and, before her execution, pleaded for the judge to stop taking innocent lives. Your Privacy Rights Singer is a lovely last name for a witch with a talent for poetry and spell-writing. I am wondering why no one ever mentions the witches of Mexico. Known as "Koschei the Deathless", he is portrayed as an evil and powerful wizard who cannot be killed by traditional means since his soul is hidden inside an object, often an egg nested inside other protective objects. (Wikimedia Commons) In 1692, in the small village of Salem (now Danvers), Massachusetts, 19 people were tried and executed for witchcraft.
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